Day 53 – “Everyday is a winding road” Sheryl Crow

Perry to High Springs, Fl

76 miles

Total: 2956!!!

Humidity.  Have I mentioned how thick the moisture is here?  I feel as though I am having a breathing treatment every morning.   Yuck.

At mile 8 this morning, my head was talking smack.  My knees hurt, my butt was sore, and the thought of having to ride another 65+ miles made me cranky.  I just kept turning the pedals over. One mile at a time.  I visualized my legs connected to strings, and like a marionette, I kept thinking pull the leg up, put the leg down, pull the leg up, put the leg down.  Eventually I pulled into our first 20 mil stop.   I ate my 800th banana of the trip, refilled my water and within 10 minutes was back on the bike heading for the next 20.  The good news was that my crankiness lifted, and I settled in.

The scenery was uneventful – rural landscape, dairy and chicken farms, a couple of gas stations.  Not much new.  The highlight of the day was at mile 56 when we arrived at the entrance to the Ichetucknee Springs State Park.  I was going to blow by it and get to the hotel, but I was encouraged to stop in and check out the spring pool.  I am so glad that I did. It was beautiful.  I met up with several of the other riders, many who had jumped into the pool in their bike garb.  I was not as eager to ride the remaining 20 miles with soaking wet clothes so I waded in and poured water on my head and shirt.  Ahhhhh it was wonderful. imageimageimage

We road along a bike path for about 7.5 miles, which is always welcomed- no cars, trucks or road kill to avoid!  We crossed the Suwannee River (sing along…) which like many local rivers has flooded.




Made it to the diner across from our motel just in time to avoid a major thunderstorm.

Tonight I am happy to say that we are at our last motel — i will not say more than that,….

Tomorrow is a 74 mile day, – only 2 more days to go!

Lots of discussion about re-entry and what everyone is going to do.  Many of the women are retired, so they are looking for their next adventure, or to keep busy.   Me? I will be at my desk in my loftice on Monday morning connecting with and thanking my boss and colleagues at W.Capra who have been handling my work and giving me time and peace to enjoy my sabbatical.   Oh what the price will be?   hmmmmm?

My sisters and dear friends are flying in tomorrow and I cannot wait to see them at Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine on Thursday.    Bring an umbrella!



5 thoughts on “Day 53 – “Everyday is a winding road” Sheryl Crow

  1. Hi Karen,
    I immensely enjoyed every email and pic of your trip! Felt I was right there with you, I love the way you write. I am so proud to know you! Have a safe trip home.
    Love ya girlfriend!
    Yvonne T.

  2. Karen, you are an inspiration and a tenfold WOW for your accomplishing this journey. I am sure you are going to experience withdrawals symptoms of the high adrenaline rush everyday. I have been following your everyday accomplishments and wished I was there with you. When the dust has settled perhaps we can have a little chat and you can let me know of your next adventure. Send me an email at (I don’t have yours)
    Hugs and kisses for you

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