Day 40 – “Cold as Ice” Foreigner

Day 39 Rest Day in St. Francisville

Day 40 St. Francisville to Hammond, LA

88 miles

Total 2232

Enjoyed a relaxing day off at the Butler Greenwood B & B.  This historic home has a number of cottages/buildings that half of us stayed in.  We were 3 miles from  town, and I decided to stay put.  Food options were limited, but included a continental breakfast, I had a sandwich from the day before and snacks – so I would survive!  A group of us ordered pizza for dinner.

I walked around the grounds, and was startled by a beautiful peacock.  I learned later that his name is Humphrey.   Very relaxing day – I caught up on my blog, emails, thank you cards and a bit of “housekeeping”




Day 40  called for an early start as we had an 85 mile day ahead of us.  We were greeted with a record low temperature!  38 degrees, with a wind chill factor bringing the temp to 34.  Most of us had sent our warm weather gear home, so we layered what we had!   It eventually warmed up to the low 60’s – sunny and bright but very chilly.

The ride itself was uneventful- lots of green, pretty countryside – more narrow roads, and of course our constant companions- the trucks.    Oh, and dogs.

Stopped for lunch at mile 50 and had a terrific vegetable soup and grilled cheese. – Highlight of the day!

Tomorrow we head to Bogalusa – not expecting much when we get there!  Last night in Louisiana – and I am striking out on finding Louisiana postcards (especially since I stayed put in St. Francisville!)

I want to wish my Pinkerton Academy, Class of 1981 classmate, Kristen McIsaac all the best as she prepares for the Boston Marathon on Monday. I know that all of your hard work and preparation will have you running like the wind!  I hope that this year is everything that last year was not for you . Be safe, enjoy and we are all rooting for you –and very proud to know you.