Day 44 – “Sweet Home Alabama” Lynyrd Skynrd

Day 44- Pascagoula, MS to Dauphin Island, AL

41 Miles

Total 2458

Day 45 – Rest Day on  Dauphin Island, AL

Yawn..we rolled out and I glanced at my watch and it read 7:19.  My first thought was why are we leaving so early when we have “only” a 41 mile day.?  The answer is so that we could get to our destination of Dauphin Island and relax and enjoy our accommodations, and the following rest day. Which upon arriving at said destination, I was thankful for the early start.

I sped out with “the dynamite sisters”  T-N-T.  Tanya and Twila, they were on a mission to find a donut shop that had received rave reviews.    The challenge for me was trying to keep up – Twila is a rocket, and Tanya can move!  We arrived at the 20 mile SAG stop, and thought we had missed the shop.  Twila dropped us so that she could ride her faster ride.  It was only a few miles beyond the SAG stop that we arrived into the small town of Bayou La Batre.  We were almost at the end of town (um, maybe a mile..) when I hear an excited cry from behind me –“there it is, there it is!”.


Seemed appropriate to make a stop at a place called Sugar Rush on Easter Sunday!  As we were parking our bikes, several of the locals went in /out of the shop and each told us that we were going to enjoy our donuts!  And we did.  I did not try the Bubble Tea, but was told that it is made with tapioca.  I am sure it is great – but didn’t sound too appealing at 8:30 in the mornimageing.

We stopped for our official Welcome to Alabama photos!   Another state off of my list – and only one more to go!

Another bridge awaited us to get onto Dauphin Island.  The aptly named “Long Bridge”   was listed as 3.5 miles – most of it causeway type, but there was a very high/steep  portion.  Of  the several bridges that we have crossed the last week, this was the first one that gave me pause as I approached.  My initial reaction  was that I would not like to drive over this one– it was that steep.  But up and over I went – and once I got going it was not too bad!  Beautiful coast views led us onto the island, and off shore we saw many an oil rig.

Our  destination for the next two days is a lovely condominium resort right on the ocean.   We are in 3-4 bedroom units with living room and kitchen.

imageimage image



My day off was wonderful!  Quiet morning, a walk into town and grabbed a great lunch – crab cake sandwich.. mmmmmmmm .  Enjoyed time with a few of my condo roomies and back to the Condo to relax.  I caught up on my “correspondence” writing thank yous and updating my blog.

Dinner in a bit and then tomorrow we head off  to Dauphin Island by ferry and on to Florida!   Hard to believe we will be entering our last state!  We have about 575 miles to go!

Came across this on the beach today.   I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.