Day 35 – “Mustang Sally” Wilson Pickett

Cleveland to Silsbee, TX

64 miles

To prep for today’s ride, I had what will be my last Texas shaped waffle!  After nearly 20 days we will be spending our last night in Texas.  Texas has proven to be a very diverse state. We have sliced across from the desert in El Paso, across ranches and farms, big city of Austin, and of late green, lush state parks nearing the bayou!    Weather has been warm, windy (wicked windy!), rainy, dry and humid!  We have enjoyed the arrival of spring with the many wildflowers that covered the landscape, and watched as baby cows, goats and horses played in the fields. One constant has been the people that we have met along the way.  Proud Texans, friendly and gregarious, curious about our journey and very helpful.

Today was a fast paced ride. I sped along with many of the riders that I usually lose sight of very quickly when there is climbing.  The road was flat with a few gently rolling hills.  I felt as though I was flying.   The road was still narrow with many logging trucks which always adds a hint of fear in my ride.  The one benefit if the log trucks, the fresh smell of pine and wood as they whiz past you!

We are staying in a small motel in Silsbee, unremarkable with the exception of the warm welcome on the sign.

Have pics, but not wifi, so I will get this ou quickly, and post pics tomorrow


image image