Day 27 – “That Power”

Camp Wood to Vanderpool, TX

38 miles

Today is day 6 out of a 7 day stretch. Today and tomorrow were expected to be tough. Today because we had a series of steep climbs, and tomorrow as it combines a longer climb and longer mileage.   Today’s ride was wet and foggy. First day that we had precipitation.  As we climbed higher we experienced a bit of foggy mist which reduced visibility to less than a quarter mile. This is a good news, bad news situation.  The good news is that we could not always see when the climb started, or how steep it may be.  The bad news is the random car traveling down the road could barely see us. I was following behind one of our riders, and could hardly see her blinkie light.

So, for those that assume Texas is flat, tis not so.   We are officially in Texas Hill Country.  We are moving away from the desert and only the prickly pear cactus remains.  The landscape has become more lush, trees are blooming, grass, and many more shrubs.  As mentioned yesterday, the humidity has also increased.

There have been quite a few deer sightings -both dead and alive.  Two small groups of deer ran across the road, and one group had several babies.  Unfortunately, there have also been dozens of dead deer on the side of the road. Looks like they do not pick them up if they are hit.  Yuck

Enjoying a bit of home for the next few days, as my friend Sheryl J has flown out to spend my off day with me.  She was able to find her way from Austin to Vanderpool,which is not even on the map!

Today was a hard day, but I do feel that I am getting stronger, and the climbs did not totally wipe me out.   Finally, I got a bit of “that power. “.