Day 52 – “Don’t stop believing” Journey

Crawfordville to Perry, FL

54 miles

Total: 2880

Some days the ride is just about the miles, and moving to the next destination. Today was one of those days.  54 uneventful and unremarkable miles mostly on 98 east.  I did have a couple of snake sightings. Both dead and alive.  I am relieved to be on my bike and able to zip by them.  But I will admit to emitting a girly yelp when I come upon one.

It is hard to believe that there are only three days remaining on my cross country adventure!

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported my fundraising effort for Make A Wish. It is always uncomfortable asking for money, but when you believe in the cause or organization, it makes it just a little bit easier.  Along the way, Make A Wish families and friends have shared their experiences with me, and I appreciate your  willingness to do so. Your experiences help to reinforce that I have selected a worthy charity partner.

It has been a pleasure working with Donna Parker from Make A Wish NH. I have received terrific support and resources. Plus she is an awesome person and it has been a pleasure getting to know her.   Donna gave me a lightweight bag which I have taken with me and use everyday.  Each time I grab the bag, I think of the good work and wishes that your donations will help to provide.  91% of the funds raised go to wish granting.   I set an aggressive goal of $15,000 and knew that it would be a stretch to reach it, but I believed with all my heart that it could be reached.  I am proud and humbled to say that as of today, including checks we have raised over $17,000!!!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am not quite finished yet-still have three more days to ride.  If you have been thinking about donating, you still have a few days left!   Help us fulfill the wish of a deserving Wish Kid and their family

Check  out the link at the top of the page to learn more about how you can donate, or if you are interested in learning more about Make A Wish NH –  Visit  If you are from another area,  google your local chapter for information.   Volunteers, in kind services, and deserving wish families are always in demand.


Special thanks go out to Karen and Marc Bernier for sharing their Make A Wish family experience, and honoring their Wish Kid, Canaan.  Much love to my sisters, Kathy and Joanne for their efforts in getting the word out, putting together a terrific auction and being my strength when I just couldn’t muster it





5 thoughts on “Day 52 – “Don’t stop believing” Journey

  1. Yet another time Karen I read your post and tears run down my cheeks 😥 You are so AMAZING! What you have done for Make A Wish is just so should be so proud of yourself. I can’t believe your journey is almost over. I have loved reading your blog..pedal on knowing how much you have done in such a short amount of time!! Simply Amazing!! You and your Arse!!! Lol

    • Thank you, Carolyn. My arse is looking for a week off for sure! I am happy that my personal journey could be used for a great cause. Still processing all of the things that I have learned during this trip!

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