Day 28 – “Take me to the River” Talking Heads

Vanderpool to Fredericksburg, TX

80 miles

Last night we stayed at a cute place, Fox Fire Cabins — the group was spread out in many cabins and houses on the property. We were the only guests there.  The property ran along a river – and was very quiet and remote  (hmmm, much like many of the other place we have been through!)     The day started with a 1.25 mile 8% climb out of Vanderpool at mile 2.  Nothing like waking up your legs by getting right into a climb.   The weather forecast overcast with a 30% chance of showers.  The air was heavy with moisture, but it never did rain — which I am grateful about.   The last few days we have had overcast weather, which makes me happy, as it keeps the sun from toasting you all day.  The sun did appear later in the afternoon, but by then we were almost finished.

Mile 20-40 was really enjoyable.  We crisscrossed the Guadalupe river 11+ times.  We caught on quickly that the downhill meant we would be crossing the river, and shortly after we would wind around and climb back up.  A bit later we rolled along the river as it was to our right.  The area reminded me a bit of Weirs Beach area of NH – as it had lots of cabins, cottages and vacation resorts all along the river.  It looked like a great place  to spend a hot day.   Spring was also blooming all around us, as trees and flowers were springing to life.

We moved further along and officially entered Texas Hill Country.  Many miles of rolling hills and valleys passed before us.   The term “rollers’ is used to describe many of the hills  – the kind that you power down, so that your momentum carries you up to the top.  Many of them were rollers, but there were also a few steeper hills that still required us to pedal up!

The last 25 miles had us riding through unmarked country roads, that made you feel as though you were on private roads.  We pedaled through ranch after ranch after ranch, country road, after country road….  We saw several signs for Loose Livestock – and we did come upon a few stray cattle on our side of the fence!  They just looked at us with disinterest.   We passed quite a few calves, goats and a herding dog.

It was long, but an enjoyable ride.   New to the roadkill collection was an Armadillo!  I have not caught sight of any live ones, but will keep my eye  out.

Drove by a home that had it’s fence posts (on both sides of the road) decorated with boots – of all kinds.  Picture does not do it justices – but it was whimsical and fun.

My cycling buddy, Tanya met with another flat tire – so we did a quick change (we are getting good at this..) and off we went.   During our flat changing time out – every car (5)  that went by us, stopped to ask if we were okay or if we needed help.   I am impressed with the kindness of the the many people that we have met.

I had pictures on my cell phone, unfortunately, it has decided to stop working entirely. Have a replacement on the way (Shout out to Tim! Thanks for your help!!)


Enjoy a very relaxing rest day in Fredericksburg — great place to stroll around with lots of shops and restaurants. With Sheryl here – we did errands in the car!! What a treat.

Enjoyed a great lunch with a pitcher of Mango Margarita’s (not sure if they are on my riding diet.. we shall see tomorrow).  And dinner was great with Tanya and Sheryl.  Thank you Tanya and Ted!


Heading to Austin in the morning – 78 mile day!