Day 25, 26 “Hold on Loosely” 38 Special

Day 25 – Del Rio (aka Hell Rio) to Bracketville. 43 miles

Day 26 – Brackettville to Camp Wood  49 miles


Quick blog post tonight as my Ipad charger has decided to not be compatible with my IPad.   Have just a little juice, but may be offline for a few days until my replacement charger is delivered in Fredericksburg.

The last two days have been considered “recovery days”. Which is kind of funny as we are still pedaling like crazy.   The chip seal pavement makes the ride seem so much more difficult than it is, because the surface is so rough that you are vibrating and rattling the entire way.  It forces you to try and hold on loosely to give your wrists a break, yet you can not hold into loosely as you can hit a bump and go awry.

The most fascinating moment came when we left Del Rio yesterday, it was if we went thru an invisible curtain that left the dry arid air behind us and within a few mils we were enveloped into the humidity.  I think I will need to adjust to that, I prefer the dry air to the humidity any day!

We pedaled past many ranches that were quite expansive.  Large head of Angus cattle grazed along side flocks of sheep and goats.  One ranch that was for sale had over 1600 acres.  Hard for me to imagine running that sort of operation.

Another note about the 110 mile day, I mentioned previously that only 5 completed the ride that day, however a group of 5 went out early yesterday and finished the route where they had left off. They were only about 10 miles short.  These women are determined to ride every mile.

Tomorrow will be another challenging day, as we enter Texas Hill country and have several climbs.

I will be back as soon as I receive my charger!  And will add pics.   Darn, technology.