Day 48 – “Rocking down the highway” The Doobie Brothers

Crestview to Marianna, FL

91 Miles

Total: 2674

Left this morning at 7:05 shrouded in fog and heavy mist.  My glasses were fogged up and I had to take them off so I could see where I was going.  Temps went up to 85, and relative humidity was about 45%!   The cloud cover gave way to the sun around 9:15.  A gentle breeze kept the heat at bay.

After navigating out of Crestview, our route was pretty straightforward – 90 miles on route 90 East!   The Doobie Brothers song popped into my head as we were tooling along.  We went through several small towns – I am amazed at the names of some of these places  – Today was Mossy Head (Which made me wonder if the inventor of Chia Pets lived there…), Argyle (which made me think about how you can lose socks in the washing machine ), Ponce De Leon (…of course… in search of the Fountain of Youth)….well you can see how these rides go….by the time I arrived in Chipley – I was thinking of chocolate chip ice cream, and the last town of the day before we arrived in Marianna was Cottondale.    And what was your first thought.. mmmhmmm…


Today marked the last “long” ride — or a ride over 80 miles — we have two over 70 before we arrive in St.Augustine.   I am happy that this one is completed!

This part of Florida does not look like Florida to me — Pine trees, green, rural town- it could be anywhere.

Next stop? Quincy ….






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