Day 47 -“You’ve got a friend” James Taylor & Carole King

Pensacola to Crestview, FL

65 miles

I enjoyed our quick trip to Pensacola.  Had a great dinner last night in the historic downtown. Lots of outdoor dining, rehabbed buildings and restaurants and bars.  Too bad I didn’t have any energy to explore after dinner, but I will add Pensacola to my list of places to return.   Once out of downtown, the ride took us along the coast for a bit and over another bridge.  We moved inland through several small towns, and enjoyed 6.5 miles on a bike path.  We exited the bike path and made a few quick turns onto a country road that we rode on for 15 miles.


We have enjoyed cloud cover and overcast skies for much of this trip which has kept the temperature down. Today, (and the next few days) the temps went up to 85 and the sun was bright in the sky.  Perfect day to celebrate the end of the ride with an ice cream.  Tomorrow we head out by 7 to beat the heat and pedal our last long day. 94 miles.  I cannot wait until that ride is done!

As I head into the last week of riding, and begin to reflect on the last 7 weeks, I want to thank my incredible family, friends, and colleagues for their incredible support.  Never once have I felt alone with your emails, texts, comments, cards and surprises.   Many of these came exactly when I needed them the most.    My heartfelt thanks to all.



9 thoughts on “Day 47 -“You’ve got a friend” James Taylor & Carole King

  1. Great song choice Karen! Love JT, that’s what I like to call him..we are good friends especially on nights like this when I can’t sleep! 😉 I would like to say THANK YOU, for your selfless act…for helping out a great organization who helps those who need it so much. Just to see the smiles on those who have just one wish. You are such an inspiration, you rock lady! I am so proud to say you are my friend and that I know pedal that “arse” home!! 😉

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