Day 42 – “I’ve been everywhere” Johnny Cash

Bogalusa to Wiggins, MS

61 miles

Total: 2348

17 miles into our ride today we entered our 6th state, Mississippi!  Hard to believe we only have two states left!

I have been very fortunate to have traveled to most of the United States, prior to today I had 5 states left to visit to complete the entire US.  One more checked off the list and as of Sunday when I arrive in Alabama, I will have just three to go!  (Alaska, Nebraska and Arkansas – for those that are curious!)


We had company at one of our SAG stops today – they were very curious about us! It was a welcomed change from the charging, barking dogs.



Our SAG drivers always seem to find just the right spot to park- our second stop today included a bit of encouragement



The last few days we have traveled away from the crawfish ponds and have moved inland.  Tomorrow we head down to the gulf coast as we head to Pascagoula.  I am looking forward to the change of scenery.  Today we had more hills that we have had in several days – and worked a bit harder than we had.  The weather was in the low 60’s and was quite damp and felt raw.  I am thankful that it has not been hot – but I would like a little warm up!

Tonight we had our margarita celebration to mark our arrival into another state.  We moved it indoors as it was cool, and threatening to shower.   We have also been celebrating birthdays- yesterday we wished Joyce from England a Happy Birthday, and today it was Carol’s turn.   Special shout out to Janine, one of our fellow riders, who is incredibly thoughtful and downright fun planning each birthday to make it special.   Tonight after dinner, the entire group donned masks to sing Happy Birthday.  It was silly and fun and we had a blast.Karen needs a haircut





6 thoughts on “Day 42 – “I’ve been everywhere” Johnny Cash

  1. What?!!! You have not been to the great state of Nebraska? Home of Warren Buffett, Buffalo Bill Cody (he and Warren were born in almost the same year), the amazing sandhill crane
    migration (Jane Goodall shows up almost every year to view the spectacle of almost a million cranes roosting in the Platte River), and the fabulous annual BRAN (Bike Ride Across Nebraska – much more civilized than the rowdy event held on the other side of the Missouri
    River that is called RAGBRAI). Hope you enjoy the rest of the tour – what a great accomplishment!

    Christine, Bellevue NE

  2. Just absolutely enjoying your blog, Karen. You are a gifted writer! Thank you for keeping up so diligently as I’m sure you don’t feel like it some days! You ladies are just killing these miles!! After reading your blog, I intend to work on hill drills this summer as everyone knows I groan at the sight of every *^&%#(* hill in NH !!
    Cheering you on every day as this wonderful journey nears completion. Just absolutely amazing !! You Go Girl !

    • my blog may be less exciting when I get back to real life……but for now…. thanks for your support and encouragement! I hope that the road takes me to your neck of the woods soon so that we can catch up!

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