Day 41 – “Where the streets have no name” U2

Hammond to Bogalusa, Tx

55 miles

Total 2287

Hmmmm, what to say about today?   As we travel through eastern Louisiana we are encountering more of the same as the last few days.  Green, horses, cows and dogs.  Good news is that it was warmer than yesterday, but we did get caught in a rain shower.

We use cue sheets to navigate from one place to another, and every now and then we have to make a turn on a “unmarked or unnamed street”.   I am amazed by the number of streets and intersections, of all sizes that are unmarked. It makes it more exciting as you are trying to make a decision that may take you down a road for miles before the next cue.

I have also noticed that the word “only” has crept into our vocabulary.  It is used in two ways:

Use 1:   “How many miles today?”  “Only 68”

Use 2: “We only have 35 more miles to go today”

Six weeks in and ONLY two weeks left!

Tomorrow we cross another state line!



6 thoughts on “Day 41 – “Where the streets have no name” U2

  1. Holy cow! Only two weeks left Karen!! Simply amazing…it seems like you just started? I know easy for me to say as I sit at home in a cozy warm bed every night reading your blog :/ but seriously? You are one tough cookie..your mom is so proud of you, as is the rest of us! Keep pedaling and I will keep praying for a safe trip the rest of the way.

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