Day 38 – “Storm Warning” Hunter Hayes

Lafayette to St. Francisville, LA

100 mile day!!

Total:  2145

Under the threat of severe thunderstorm warnings, we rolled out at 7:15 to try and beat the storm, the heat and cover the many miles that we had to get to St. Francisville.

A high mileage day interferes with my picture taking!  I have a few to share – but I do not stop to take pictures that I normally would, as I feel the need to keep pedaling, keep  moving, keep pedaling, keep moving!   Admittedly, I miss a good shot or two with this approach,  one of which was a spectacular tree shot.  The tree was partially submerged, but the roots where exposed and in view and they resembled tentacles of an octupus.  It really had a personality — as I passed it all I could think of was the Trees from The Lord of the Rings movies!  Sorry not to have captured it to share with you.

Road surface in Lousiana is certainly hit or miss, and it is always better to miss a pothole or uneven surface.  Unfortunately, I had a momentary lapse in focus once or twice, and hit a hole or two, that rattled just about everything out of it’s proper place.  Ouch.

Reeling off the miles today included a couple of bridge crossings!  We crossed the Atchafalaya River on a steep bridge that was undergoing construction.  After we crossed it, we had to continue on the Morganza Spillway.  I had no idea what a spillway was — but it was another raised road surface (bridge…like..)  but it went on for miles.  The spillway was a four lane highway without any shoulder.   For safety purposes, we assembled and crossed over in groups.  The group I was in had 13, and we started across with the SAG Subaru behind us with flashers on.  We were our own parade for 3.5 miles.  Louisiana drivers are much more patient and courteous than those that we encountered in Texas.   Time ticks more slowly here, and they are not in such a rush. I also choose to believe that all of what they are yelling out their truck windows is complimentary!



At mile 67 we were hungry and searching for lunch — we were looking for “Not Your Mama’s Cafe”” in Morganza – but just our luck, it was closed for renovations.  We headed to LaHaye’s Market which had a deli counter in the back — we enjoyed a very relaxing lunch (service is much slower…..patience is required…..).  As I was enjoying my BBQ Brisket po’boy I noticed this sign.



The next adventure of the day was crossing the mighty Mississippi River!   We came upon the John James Audubon bridge which was constructed in 2011/2012.  Previously, there was a ferry that was used to cross.   Traffic was not too heavy when we arrived, and we were able to get a few good shots.  I enjoyed

traveling across with Tanya and Sue.






And yes, we were getting closer to the storm!  The sky was this ugly gray/yellow.  It was around 2:30ish – and we were still 15 miles from our destination.  Good news is that we did outrun it, but barely – it started to shower the last mile or so — I was at 98 miles and wanted to complete a century – so I circled the driveway of a local Baptist church. The thunder started when I arrived in the church parking lot…coincidence or message? hmmmm?   Tanya and a few others  completed their first century!  Congrats to all!

The group is in two locations about 3 miles apart – I am at the Butler Greenwood B & B which is a lovely property.  I have a small cottage all to myself — what a luxury after a few of the places we have stayed.  Tomorrow is a rest day, and I am committed to staying put.  Not willing to get on the bike to go into town 3 miles away.  Next stop Hammond, LA – 90 miles away……….

Mileage shot of the 100 and a few pictures from the property. First one is the rain as soon as I got my bags and bike in!    My room is called the Treehouse!





6 thoughts on “Day 38 – “Storm Warning” Hunter Hayes

  1. Karen– Hope you catch this before dinner. Get yourself some food from dinner tonight for lunch for tomorrow. No place close to the Butler-Greenwood. No warning either!

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