Day 37 – “Who Let the Dogs Out?” Baha Men

Lake Charles  to Lafayette, LA

85 miles

Total : 2045!  Wahoo! Surpassed 2000 today.

With a new shifter in place, today’s ride was long and windy, but the ability to shift gears was wonderful!   The appeal of flat terrain was easily negated with the constant head and crosswinds that accompanied us during our first full day in Louisiana.

The Lone Stars that adorned many a ranch gate, farm fence or home in Texas has now been replaced by the Fleur de Lis and advertising for shrimp, crawfish and catfish.

A 100 plus miles into Louisiana and we have experienced significant terrain changes. Yes, we are rolling on mostly flat landscape, roads are no longer chipseal, but clearly Louisiana does not have a lot of funding for roads and repairs. Lots of uneven surfaces and potholes, and then out of nowhere a smooth road.  You enjoy one when you find it!   We pedaled by flooded rice paddies, crawfish traps and many a marsh.  We saw many live and a few dead snakes.



Upon arrival in the south we were forewarned about the increase in loose dogs.  We have encountered a few here and there, and it seems that most days a rider has been chased or approached by dogs.  Today I was riding with my cycling buddy, Tanya and we were happy to have Nancy with us on her off day from driving the SAG.  We were progressing along nicely when a Boxer came charging out at us.  I was the first rider in our group so I was fortunate not to be the target, but Nancy received a good chase by a very determined dog.   There are several techniques that riders will use- this time Nancy used the  “big voice” approach yelling “go home ! ” loudly and confidently. This usually will work, along with “No!”   Other approaches use whistles, and if the dog does not stop and continues to chase, charge or lunge, riders will stop and get off the bike and put the bike between them and the dog.    I have been thankful that most dogs that run after us, or bark have been behind a fence or on a lead.   We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Tonight we were treated to dinner at a local restaurant to try the local cuisine.  The restaurant had a live band playing Zydeco music, and there were quite a few people dancing.   After the first hour, it felt as if they were replaying songs-the sound has a distinct beat to it.


I tried the catfish for dinner.  It was very mild and there was plenty to share.   A pic of the hot sauce for my brother in law- and no, I did not try any.

Off to bed, 96 miles tomorrow and it looks like we will have inclement weather.  We ride on anyway!


3 thoughts on “Day 37 – “Who Let the Dogs Out?” Baha Men

  1. Rural Florida is the worst for the dogs. One day I was chased by a pack of 7. And I have teeth bits in my shoes to prove it. Surely is a different way of loving animals than here in Maine or New Hampshire.

  2. I love seeing all the water around! Didn’t see much of that in TX. Oh sure every 15 feet there was a sign that labeled a creek, but there was never any water in it! Enjoy and be safe with the storms rolling in!

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