Day 34 – “Gravel” Ani DiFranco

Navasota to Cleveland, TX

73 miles.

Total miles (by popular request). 1836

Today we enjoyed more farms, pastures, horses, and cattle.  Had a treat of seeing more Long horned cattle.

I have been fascinated with the terrain changes and the appearance and disappearance of plants, trees, cactus etc.  today was the first day that I did not see a prickly pear cactus. They have been a consistent companion since we passed through Arizona. A few stubborn ones clung on the last few days, but have now disappeared into the lush green trees and pastures. In a few months this area may not be as green or lush, but for now it is great.  The wildflowers have also started to disappear, we were not treated to the miles and miles of them today.

Most of the route today travels through the Sam Houston National forest.  Parts of it looked as if I was traveling in New Hampshire.

The only downside to the day was the limited shoulder of the road. At times it was less than 6 inches, at best it was 2 feet.  I have mentioned the challenge of the fast pace trucks in the past, but once again we experienced a few scary moments.  Logging trucks zipped by us, along with the usual tractor trailers, and one oversized load.   The trucks will often blow their horns to let us know they are approaching….which is somewhat unnecessary as we can hear them barreling down the road.  The notice of the horn would be great if there was somewhere we could go or move over to, but often we have to share the road.  And they do not move over (even when they can), nor do they lift their foot off of the accelerator.  I shuddered through a few close calls.

The shoulder today often had crevices and deep cracks up to two inches wide.  You can not move over or you could get sucked in, get a pinch flat or worse wipe out.  We also found that sections of the road had loose gravel which added to the excitement!  I will be happy to get home and drive on the NH roads!  Even a frost heave or two would be better than what we have encountered here in Texas.   I will say, though, that the roads in Texas have been very clean compared to NM and AZ.    Two more days and we are out of Texas!

I looked at the calendar today and we have 3 weeks left!  Crazy that we have more behind us, than we have in front of us!




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