Day 50 – “See you later alligator” Bill Haley & Comets

Quincy to Crawfordville, FL

52 miles

Total: 2780

A foggy start to the day found us on a “fog hold” for an hour before we headed out.  We had the luxury of a shorter ride, so there was not the need to risk our safety heading out in the poor visibility.

The last few days though Florida, have been with terrain that included many rolling hills.  I can no longer make a blanket statement that Florida is flat!  Perhaps the lower part is flat, but up here in Northern Florida, we have worked our way for days up and over many, many hills!

On our way to Crawfordville, we had an option for a side trip to Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park.  I opted to head in and enjoy lunch in the Lodge.  After I walked around the grounds and enjoyed the view of the lake and the grounds.  As it was Saturday, the area was very busy with many people swimming or jumping off the high dive platform.  Several of our riders decided to take a boat ride to try and catch a view of Manatees and Alligators.   They saw many alligators but due to recent rains, the water was a bit murky to catch a sighting of the manatees.


Tomorrow we have one more rest day before we embark on the last 4 days of riding and our arrival into St. Augustine on Thursday.



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