Day 31- “Let it Rain” David Naill

Austin to Bastrop, TX

57 miles

Brrrrr. The temp read 55 for most of the day, but it felt much colder then that as the rain kept coming down pretty much all day.

We took a circuitous route out of Austin that felt more like clues for a scavenger hunt then a cue sheet of riding instructions. The longest stretch of road was 5.9 miles.  For me, the constant need to navigate actually passes the time more quickly. Although the first 15 miles seemed to take forever.  We went through high end and working class neighborhoods, and eventually found ourselves on country roads again as we headed toward Bastrop.

it was so raw out that we did not stop for sightseeing or lunch. Several people stopped in at Mellow Johnny’s bike shop.

Arrived at the hotel early (for me) and was able to get laundry done and warm up. Staying at Hampton Inn tonight and it feels like a Ritz Carlton!   Ahhhhh

Near the end of the ride we saw more wildflowers and passed fields of blue bonnets. My hands were freezing so I did not get any blue bonnet pics. Sorry

but I did get pics of how wet and dirty of a day it was!   Hoping my shoes dry!



5 thoughts on “Day 31- “Let it Rain” David Naill

  1. Glad you’re staying somewhere with a shower, lol… Hopefully the rain subsides for the rest of your trip and your shoes dry out!

  2. Fantastic Journey Karen. Wish you more sunshine, wind in your back to help you along. This is your job now for another 26 days. Completed more than half your trip…Awesome.

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