Day 23 – “Train Kept A Rollin” Aerosmith

Marathon, Tx to Sanderson, TX

55 Miles

We left Marathon and headed to Sanderson, TX (Cactus Capital of Texas!) with the wind in our face, but a manageable 55 miles to get there.  We did not rush as we were told that Sanderson lacked, well,  lacked.    We snacked at mile 54 at a gas station /take out food – mmm yum.  I had an apple pie and a chocolate milk – the cooked food looked less appealing.


Upon arrival at the Budget Inn, my room was not ready so I cleaned up my bike to prepare for tomorrow’s big ride.  When my room was finally ready, well…. I am not much on camping, but for a moment or two, I thought it may have been the better choice.

My room was the last to be assigned, and as I cleaned Sweet Ruby, I could see a lot of activity in the back of the motel – in a small section of 4 rooms.  3 of which are boarded up – and “my” room  was being worked on – someone was vacuuming, a tv was being hooked up to cable.  Sounds appealing….right?  Not.  The good news is that the room was clean, and portions of it were new – new mattress, clean, fresh smelling sheets.  That was the good news  – the rest, well – I will try and focus on the positive.  It is clear that we are in the middle of nowhere.  Miles, and miles and we see few houses, few imagecars, and very few businesses – or open businesses.

Nothing like experience – another flat for Tanya and we are becoming pretty good at the on the road tire change!


Few terrain features that caught my attention today but one that did was this terrific Ranch gate.

A constant companion of ours since we left California, and very predominant since we have been traveling on Route 90 East are the freight trains.   Today I counted one that had over 100 cars of freight. We see several a day, and often hear the whistle in the middle of the night.


Tomorrow is a long one – 110 miles to Del Rio — A century plus a decade!

The forecast is calling for tough winds again.  We shall see what the day brings!


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