Day 24 – “Don’t let the sun go down on me” – Elton John

Sanderson to Del Rio, TX

110 miles

It’s simple.  A basic math problem really.  How many hours will it take to cover 110 miles?   If your average speed is 10mph then it will take 11 hours of cycling.  Add a stop or to and you are at 12-13 hours of riding.   If you are faster, then your hours in the saddle are reduced.   If you are slower, then , well, the numbers may prove that it is an impossible task to complete before the sun goes down.

We awoke well before dawn, and rolled out early as if we were thieves in the night.  A line of bikes with red blinkie lights trying to make our presence known, riding into the sunrise.   The initial pace was set, and it was fast – trying to make progress before the winds began to rise.

After the first SAG stop at mile 20 , the math re-calculation began.   I had started the day with the approach that I would like to completed the 110 miles, but that I was more focused on how many hours I wanted to ride – and that would determine how many miles I would ride.

The next 20 miles, changed all of that.  The math showed that the mph dropped significantly when dealing with a 25-30 mile head wind with gusts that nearly knocked you over.   The revised goal was make it to lunch at mile 59, and then determine next move based on time remaining.

We checked in with the SAG driver with 14 miles to get to lunch.  Took us 1 hour to go 4 miles. With 7 miles to go to lunch (at an estimated 90 minutes to get there), the SAG drove by to check on our progress.   We tapped our helmets and were picked up.  By that time we had been riding for 7.5 hours.  51 miles – 7.5 hours.  60 more miles to go – at least another 7.5 hours.    I have gutted it out several times over the last 3 weeks, but I saw no sense in riding for another 3-4 hours to try and pick up another 20 miles.  Tough decision, but for me, one that I feel good about.

When we arrived at lunch – there were 11 other riders awaiting our arrival. – We all packed it in and drove the next 60 miles in the van.  That left 14 riders on the road.  Long story short– only 5 riders made the entire 110 miles – and they are the strongest riders  – it took them 12 hours to get in -they arrived after 7:30 pm.  The remaining riders were picked up at various points – and a few had to be cajoled into the van, as it was dark, and it was not safe for them to continue.

The will and spirit of every woman on this trip is incredible.  Whether they did 30 miles today or the entire 110 – ever single one gave it their all.   A few of the riders had to abandon their goal to ride every final mile, and I know that it was a difficult decision.

There is another cross country group on the road with the us the last few days, Bubba’s Pampered Peddlars.   Bubba has operated the trip for several years, and told the group that this was the most difficult day that he has experienced.   The wind was relentless, and for 110 hilly miles – it made for an arduous journey.   Only the very strongest were able to complete it, and they had to dig deep

Tomorrow is another day.




12 thoughts on “Day 24 – “Don’t let the sun go down on me” – Elton John

  1. What a tough day. I can’t even imagine. At 110 miles with wind gusts, forget that. 59 miles is a huge win on a tough day. There’s still plenty of riding to do the rest of the way! Great job auntie, rest well xoxo

  2. I’m glad you made the decision you did, Karen. IMHO, every person’s goal should be set by what’s realistic and good for her. This enables you to still be up for the next stretch too.
    Ride on!

  3. Wow Karen you did great. It is all about doing and not doing the whole thing as long as you get where you are going. instead of two wheels you used 4 wheels to get to your destiny. Press on and may the force be with you :-). LY

  4. Congratulations on a hard fought battle – you all earned the right to be proud of what you’ve accomplished…not just today but EVERY day. Wishing you an easy ride today. Keep putting one pedal in front of the other!

  5. Stay positive! So proud of what you have accomplished. Tough decision for you I know but had you not taken the ride in the van you never would have gotten to the Taj Mahal! Stay strong, I hope tomorrow is a better day!

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