Day 7 – “Life is a Highway” Rascal Flatts

Salome to Wickenburg

57 miles

Gorgeous day – warm with a cooling breeze

There was little hesitation as we rolled out of  the vintage motel.  It was just as described, and as expected. It had, personality, which started with the desk clerk who as the tale was told to us, would tartly retort when told there was a bug in a guest room, “it’s dead, what do you want me do to about it now”.

A distinctive feature was the pink neon lights on the low rise motel buildings. Atmosphere?  Shout out to Martha Webb–perhaps a chapter in your next  staging best seller could include this great feature?image

Today was a much better day for me than yesterday.  No drama.  Thankfully. The past two days the weather has been outstanding, warm  yes, but with a mild wind that was helpful and cooling, not debilitating.

As we ventured further east, the desert landscape treated us to several pops of color, as early spring found several plants and flowers in blooms.  Purples, yellows, oranges – all scattered about.


Second day in a row, that we made good time, and ended up at a small local cafe, or cafe/bar/grill/nightclub depending on the time of day.  If i had to classify my tastes, I would say that I am more of a cake for breakfast kind of girl, but when presented with no cake, but pie — I can adapt and eat.  And eat pie I did.

With a sugar buzz we continued down Route 60 where there were quite a few roadside memorials to accident victims.  Some of which were quite elaborate and very sad.  A couple thoughts lingered with me as the miles slipped away.  First, at a moment were the desert springs to life by the edge of the asphalt, it also claims so many lives.   That thought was quite sobering, especially as cars and trucks flew past us well beyond the speed limit.  It was clear that most drivers did not see either the life giving or the life taking elements of the highway.

There were plenty of other signs of life as we approached Wickenburg. There is a clear correlation between the amount of trash on the side of the road and the population of the area.  As there is a clear pattern that beer drinkers are more prone to throw their bottle out the window vs. wine drinkers.

Yesterday at mile 15, the sentinel of the desert, the Saguaro catcus emerged from nowhere. Today at mile 40ish the prickle pear cactus appeared!  image

Wickenburg welcomed us with a fabulous and fast descent into the town center. Wickenburg is the Dude Ranch Capital of the World (as decreed by Wickenburg..)   You can feel the “West” here, a bit touristy, but lots of Cowboy references and kitsch.

Tomorrow we head to Phoenix!