Day 22 – “Free Falling” Tom Petty

Ft. Davis to Marathon, TX

60 miles, make that 60 blissful miles

Ah, what a difference a day or two can make — today was actually fun and enjoyable.  After all the difficult and challenging days it was such a relief to have a day without having to dig deep and gut it out.

After two days at the Indian Lodge we continued on 90 East toward Marathon, TX – 60 miles due east.   Mostly downhill or rolling flats – and even the chip seal pavement did not slow us down.  The winds were at our backs and at times it felt as though I was flying.   At one point I was pedaling (with a generous push from the wind) at 34 miles per hour.  I stopped pedaling for a mile and was still clocking 30!  That shows how powerful the wind can be – and oh, so much more enjoyable when at your back.

As we left the Davis Mountains, the terrain became more expansive as the mountains receded further into the background.   Cattle grazed, and looked at us curiously, cars were sparse, ranches were large and the sunshine was strong.

The only thing that slowed us down today was a flat tire for my peddaling buddy, but with our powers combined, and our new tire  changing prowess, we fixed it and were off and flying again in no time. There are these very tiny thorns that penetrate the tire and puncture the tube – they are so small they are often difficult to find in the tire – sharp, small and effective at creating a quick flat!

The group was split between the historic Gage Hotel and the very eclectic Eve’s Garden B & B.  Two very different properties.  I am staying at the B & B which is pretty funky.   Clearly a labor of love for a few creative minds – brightly colored, and furnished it is quite stimulating to the eye!  At first it was quite overwhelming – but it grew on me, and several of us enjoyed a very relaxing couple of hours hanging out, chatting, drinking a pint from the tapped keg in the “convenience room”.

To top it all off – I have both cell service and internet ! Yahoo.  Well, at least for now…imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage