Day 21 – “Moon Dance” Van Morrison

Rest day in Ft. Davis Enjoyed a day away from the bike. Just what I needed both physically and mentally We are staying at the Indian Lodge located within the Davis Mountains State Park.  The property was built by the Civilian Conservation Corp in 1933. It is a 39 room property with a restaurant. Rooms are comfortable furnished in a rustic motif – clean, sparse and bright. The bed is a dream after a couple of previous stays. Took an an excursion over to the McDonald Observatory and enjoyed learning about the work they do. And fun fact, the observatory was built here because it is the darkest place in the US, which makes the viewing of the night sky optimal.  I walked around a bit tonight and just looked up at the clear and bright sky. Without competing with the lights from a city or pollution, you feel as though you could reach up and grab a handful.   Another reminder to look up and enjoy the view.   Tomorrow starts a series of 7 days of riding. I am off to bed and ready to roll out in the morning.


oh and we are already over 1000 miles!



9 thoughts on “Day 21 – “Moon Dance” Van Morrison

  1. WHOOHOO 1000 miles…OMGOODNESS I would be lucky to pedal 1000 ft!!! So impressed Karen 🙂 keeping good thoughts and prayers for you every night. Pedal on my friend. You have got this..

  2. I’m a bit envious. The observatory was closed when we were there. You have a hard week ahead of you, but I have every confidence you’ll do it and be happy that it did the 111 mile day!

  3. I’m glad you got a nice rest day….you are amazing! Stay safe and I pray the next few days are easy for you!

  4. Glad you had a great day of rest! It is just what you needed! While you were resting we were partying in your honor (though we did miss you!) and for Make A Wish with a Tastefully Simple Party! Thank you Donna Morin for your help with fundraising. Donna will donate about 25% of the party sales to Make A Wish when we close it!! We had people from everywhere show up! Your Village is strong just like you! We had your die hard friends that pedal an angry ass too Mia, Rem, Cindy and Courtney! The oldest Twisted Sister Kathy, The neighbor Ms Benise. The regulars Miss Melora and Sarah, My work friends Barb S and Barb J, my baseball friends Mary and Melissa, my St. Catherines girls Stephanie, Tammy, Dawn , friends from Westgate Rd Laurie Pepin and Jen White plus an extra friend. The vet Kristi breezed in and out too! I think that was it! The kitchen was pretty full again! Sorry if I missed anyone. Plus a bunch of outside orders!!! Owen’s teachers placed orders, the carpool ladies did plus those in the village that couldn’t make it! Thank you to all that came and ordered! So far orders are over $1000… Donna will be writing a big check!!!!! Party closes on Monday if anyone is interested.. party name Karen’s Wishes’s or contact Donna directly 603-661-0970
    You are doing amazing things not only for yourself and Make A Wish but for all of your Village too! We love you! xoxo

    • Sounds like quite a night. Thanks to everyone for their support and generosity. It feels so good to help make wishes come true. Especially when you are surrounded by friends to laugh and hang with. Smooch to all

  5. Wow, I needed to catch-up after falling behind after day 12! What an amazing journey Karen! You should be proud of your hard work. I will keep following your progress! Regards, Loren

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