Day 16 – “Roll Me Away” Bob Seger

Kingston to Las Cruces, NM

88 miles – but I missed the turn for the hotel and overshot it. So total for today was 90!

Last night we stayed at the very funky Black Range Lodge in Kingston NM.  This is a very eclectic B & B.  as we were in a pretty remote area there were not a lot of lodging choices.  It was fun to stay in such a different place. Check out the website if you are curious

upon arrival at the lodge, we were greeted by the smell of a turkey dinner in oven. We had a wonderful dinner and breakfast before we headed out.


A shout out to Allison B, who provided me with a wee nip of Fireball Whiskey to be used as required- medicinal purposes, emergency or as a celebration. When I got to my room (which had a lovely balcony). I decided that I needed the shot for all three reasons.  imageimage



Todays ride was a mix of terrain – an early 8 mile descent from hotel, a 3 mile climb , miles of rollers, a brief tailwind, a crosswind, a headwind, and miles of flats.   A little bit of everything.  New Mexico is a beautiful, and we headed closer to Las Cruces, the terrain turning into agricultural and cattle areas.  We had two large steers just standing on opposite sides of the road watching us with disinterest as we whizzed past them.

We passed many pecan orchards – miles and miles and miles of them.  Interesting that they flood the section of trees to water them.


Cannot believe that we will be in Texas tomorrow!  It will take us 20 days to traverse Texas!

Thank you for your support and encouragement over the last few weeks – I appreciate all of the emails, comments and texts!


“Stood Alone on a mountain top,

Starin’ out at the great divide

I could go east, I could go west,

It was all up to me to decide

Just then I saw a young hawk flyin’

And my soul began to rise

And pretty soon

My Heart was singin’

Roll, roll me away

I’m gonna roll me away tonight

Gotta keep rollin, gotta keep ridin’,

Keep searchin’ till I find what’s right

And as the sunset faded

I spoke to the faintest first starlight

And I said next time

Next time

We’ll get it right…


14 thoughts on “Day 16 – “Roll Me Away” Bob Seger

  1. You starting to sound like a pro. Enjoying the terrain and reading it like a surfer reads waves.

    I’ve enjoyed your messages they’re like a 5 minute excursion from my day. Stay well. Good speed.



  2. Hi, Karen, So enjoying your daily updates. You are truly amazing in both you effort and your writing. I have a sense of your pain and your joy through your words. Only you can really experience both. What a treasure this will be when you have time to really reflect on its meaning for you and the children who will benefit from this. Congratulations and best wishes as you pedal to the Atlantic. Sandy

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Amazing Karen! Being a visual person and had to see your complete progress on the map….from the beginning to where you are now! The progress you all have made is incredible! Can you believe you’ve gone approximately 700 miles already! Texas, I can only imagine, is going to difficult. You’ve seen great progress by cycling through 3 states in 15 days and I am sure psychologically Texas is going to be hard. But it’s just a small thing to get through compared to everything else you are experiencing and we all know you can do it! See you in ten!

  4. Here are our song choices for you!
    From Brian – Journey (of course) Don’t Stop Believing
    From Me – Destiny’s Child – Survivor!

  5. You are doing a great job. Great pix. Did you bring a list of song titles you do you just think them up on the road? Either way, I really enjoy it.

  6. 88 miles wasn’t enough for you, huh! the pictures are all so beautiful! oh and I love your song of the day, never hear it anymore but always was a favorite of mine. Keep up the good work!

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