Day 12 – “Margaritaville” Jimmy Buffett

Safford, AZ to Lordsburg, NM

75 miles

Arrived in New Mexico safe and sound (mostly). Hard to believe that we have entered our third state already. I will hold onto that as we head toward Texas, which will take us 20 days to cross.  One of the perks of crossing a state line is that our guide, Carol whips up a batch of Margaritas and we celebrate.  I had read about this on the blogs of past riders, and I was pleased to see that the tradition continues!


I was very sluggish starting out today. The first 20 miles felt endless to me. My legs felt like lead, my angry ass was aching, my wrists hurt….blah blah blah.  I did more fidgeting than pedaling.  But I was able to  shake it off and finally find my rhythm.  We stopped at mile 40 at the 3 Sisters Bakery in the small town of Duncan.  An infusion of sugar was surely what I needed to get me to mile 75.   So many of the towns and cities that we have rolled through have clearly suffered over the last several years.  Several businesses large and small are shuttered, and many of these small towns have few services, or stores.   Duncan, was one of the few communities that still shined.  Small, but active, several shops, and a wonderful tourist office that we stopped in to use the restroom.   We chatted with the ladies at the visitor info/shop who told us about the town, and an upcoming cycling race they were running in the spring.   The people that we have met have all been very warm and welcoming.  The small hotels/motels have all been happy to receive us, some with small gift bags of snacks.   A reminder that if you open yourself up, you can make a wonderful connection with another person!


We had a second “unicorn” sighting today, as the back half of the ride found us with an incredible tailwind to blow us into Lordsburg.  I cannot tell you how fabulous a tailwind is– from sluggish, leaden legs in the morning, to a warm helping push up to 25 miles an hour !    I may have shouted wheeeee once or twice.

The terrain has changed as we exited Arizona and into New Mexico. The flowering blooms of the dessert have faded away with the sand.  There were low grasses (more like strands of hay, vs lush green grass), small trees, and beautiful mountains on all sides.

Tomorrow we head to Silver City, NM – and then on Thursday we have a rest day after 8 days.  Tomorrow is a tough day, tis all up!  Climb, Climb, Swear, Climb….






12 thoughts on “Day 12 – “Margaritaville” Jimmy Buffett

  1. Maybe today’s ride will be more like swear, swear, climb, swear……..I know you can do it, all that practice will pay off. Of course I mean the swearing practice. The biking practice won’t hurt either! Thank you for sharing! Good luck!

  2. You have to climb, climb, swear, climb? I would have thought, climb, swear, climb, swear, lol… Lordsburg has a fireworks business that is owned by a guy that used to live here in Hemet. He is the friend of a friend, whom I was required to stop and meet on one of my drives to Texas. Quite the crazy talker lol. Hope today goes by fast for you.

    • I love Carol. She da best. Although today I changed both the front and rear tires all by my self. In the parking lot, but I did it. So much for my attempt at being a damsel in distress Self reliance is the way to go! Is it time to float at your place yet?

  3. KFC you ROCK! Use that angry ass to climb, climb, climb. you got it in you. I shall raise a margarita glass in your honor tomorrow

  4. I have been sending you some ass wind, see it had some effect. You are the greatest and my thought are with you a lot. Positive thoughts like “I hope she does not have flat” good thoughts and that you are not too sore.

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