Day 10 – “Tuff Enuff” The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Gold Canyon/Apache Junction to Globe, AZ

49 Miles

Some days, the song titles announce themselves to me.  I had not had this song on my list, but somewhere along the road, this song entered my brain, and rattled around in it for hours.

So the question of the day?  Was I “Tuff Enuff?”

The first 12 miles found me rolling out with the big dogs, well, at least I could keep them in my line of sight for the first 10 miles.  And that reinforced to me that I was starting to feel stronger.  The two previous days had not sucked the life out of me, and I was heading to Globe feeling confident.  Strength and confidence was what I would need to get through this day.  The maps, showed several climbs and a 3800 ft elevation gain.  Our map meeting last night provided a bit more food for thought.  A challenging ride was ahead which included multiple climbs, a tunnel, limited or no shoulder and potential for lots of traffic and whizzing cars and trucks aplenty.   A trip not for the faint of heart.

Ok, so there were options if we wanted to ride partially and take a bump.  I was committed to give it a shot, and make my way through the ride, one milestone at a time.  I am happy to say that I did make the entire 49 miles.  BUT, I will also say that it was not without fear, uncertainty and doubt.  (Wendy – FUD Factor works in Sales, as well as this adventure..)

There were 3 miles, that if the devil had presented himself to me with an offer of a ride for my soul — I likely would have taken the offer.  Mile 27 would not, for what seemed like an eternity turn to Mile 28.   There were times that I was stopping not every mile, not every half mile, but every quarter mile just to slog ahead.  Truly a difficult ride.  Thanks to Tonya, my riding buddy who helped me through the 3 miles, and then the final 15 – still no cakewalk – but we churned our way through.


The scenery was absolutely breathtaking (and not just my huffing and puffing up the climbs).  The benefit of going slow is that you can stop and take photos, which cover up for trying to regain strenngh.   There were these pretty cool white trees amongst the rocks.    We also went through the Tonto National Forest .  We went through the town of Miami, which is home to a large copper mine




I feel accomplished and exhausted.  I am trying not to look to far ahead – but I know that New Mexico is beckoning and there are several hard rides to come.

Tomorrow is a 78 mile day, but should be a bit kinder…. before.. well.. time for bed…Today, I was tuff enuff .


10 thoughts on “Day 10 – “Tuff Enuff” The Fabulous Thunderbirds

  1. Great photos. It looks like it was definitely a serious challenge. Very proud of you for taking on the challenge. You are definitely finding your biking legs. Continue with the positive attitude and you will always make it. Looking forward to your next post. Take care and be safe

  2. Tuff Enuff? Think you passed that just venturing out on this journey!! Wow, simply amazing Karen. Beautiful pictures too..I have a cousin who lives in Silver City where you are going. I think you will enjoy that scenery. Love your go get’em attitude., you got this. Be safe and pedal, pedal…pedal. 😀

  3. Dear Karen– congratulations! You just finished one of the worst days of the ride. Going through Gila to Emory Pass and then the 111 mile day in a couple of weeks and then the rest is OK. Although we have never met it would appear we are fellow near-Portsmouthers seeing as how we both have bikes from Pappa Wheelies. I gave up and gave in far too often as my knees gave out. So you go girl. Reading you blog is like reliving the ride.

  4. You are doing great. I love the song themed days. And your postings, I am looking forward to every day. Keep up your good work riding.

  5. Missing you today… Haven’t had time to read your blog in a couple days. I really needed to see this message today. You inspirer me to keep fighting the FUD that come with change. I would like to suggest a song for tomorrow’s post, “Eye of the tiger” by Survivor. Stay safe!

    • Thanks Wendy. I have it on my list! as was recently told to me, “you are stronger than you think!” I miss you too! I am here if you need anything. Drinks in May for sure!

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